About Us

About Us

Delivering Value to our clients at Speed and Scale

We have a passion / obsession with engineering value and solving problems and we combine this with the right use of technology, skills and process and then we seek to speed up value delivery and create scale.

We see value as being dynamic linked to changes in your business, your market place, your competitors and your customers needs and expectations - so once a project is complete - we subject it to continual improvement.

Our History

Established in 2013, Digital Flex Solutions is a technology value-engineering consultancy, specialising in the creation and delivery of value-driven services, solutions and outcomes needed for customer journey optimisation. From front end digital promotion and web/mobile apps through to chatbot rollout, ERP implementation and system integrations, we provide the innovative skills, services and capacity needed for both project and managed services with tech delivery capabilities that span the UK, Ukraine, Vietnam and the Philippines.

We believe it’s critical to start any project discussions with the simple question: ‘Why?’. This helps us and our clients discover, identify and assess problems and uncover potential future challenges to ensure any solution meets all business objectives and customer needs. Our unique approach enables you to protect, enhance and create the value you need to successfully grow your business and enhance every step of your customer journeys.

Our Mission

We ensure your business and customer journeys are optimised for value by:

  • Leveraging the maximum value from your existing technology investments before considering the introduction of any new technology and its associated costs.
  • Developing and delivering a ‘blueprint’-based solution which often involves new technology – due to gaps in existing tech infrastructure – that delivers more value for your business.
  • Offering the flexibility of either project based or managed service at speed and scale, the latter enabling you to continually improve your solution so it remains optimised and aligned with your business objectives in future.
  • Putting in place the data analytics required to assess the performance of your customer journeys including RFM analysis if your business is ecommerce-based for example.

How Digital Flex Solutions Defines and Delivers Value

Our objectives are to deliver value throughout business operations and customer journeys by focusing on three types of value:

Value protection

Value protection retains the value you have already secured by analysing existing data and infrastructure, which are relatively easy to locate and protect. Examples of our solutions include data backups, restoration plan services to mitigate DDoS attack damage, and more.

Value enhancement

Value enhancement introduces functional processes to build on your existing value chains. We review the current state of the business as well as source feedback from within the organisation itself to create a value enhancement strategy. There are multiple enhancement opportunities available – from chatbot services that provide additional customer information to functional value at speed offerings including bookings, meeting requests or automated callback features.

Value creation

Value creation introduces innovative solutions sourced from wider references as well as existing data or new business opportunities. This strategic approach requires analysis of your business and its external environment to produce high value solutions and strong commercial advantages, which create a barrier to competitor entry and customer exit. Value creation examples include web and mobile apps that provide new customer journeys such as a Spotify-type app/service or Alexa-like voice assistant.

By focusing on these value areas, Digital Flex Solutions sources and secures the best possible change and value outcomes for your organisation, in turn enabling you to create more sales, retain existing customers and gain referrals.

How do you know if you need to improve your use of technology within the business or Take a look through the example signs the tech in your business needs help?

Here is a checklist to review against your business - if you have any of these issues - we can help!

The need accelerate results / Sales
The need to develop a commercial advantage
The need to reduce or remove costs
The need to reduce or remove risks
The need to automation and scalable value at a controlled or fixed cost
Unable to get the required functionality out of the existing technology
The need to integrate existing technology you have to get better or faster results or both
The need to achieve process capability and therefore predictability ( over marketing, sales, sales retention)
The need to provide a better customer experience
The need to retain more customers for longer
The need to turn customer into promoters
The need to improve processes as this is what your customers expects and or competitors are already doing
You need better information available to staff/ the business and customers
The need for data analytics and KPIs so monitor , control and improve results
Your staff complain about lack of speed or functionality gaps or tech is just too complicated to get things done.
The need to get predictive analytics and actions like dynamic pricing or stock forecasting or quality assurance
The need to improve the way you handle support
To extract value from support issues so that your products and service continually improve
The need to improve the customer experience
Your planning to sell the business
Your planning to buy a business
Your planning to approach the bank for funding

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